What Does A Holistic Healer Do?

What Does A Holistic Healer Do?

A Guide to the Responsibilities of Holistic Doctors

What Is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing is the combination of traditional medicine & alternative therapy. These methods mix together to create a whole-body approach to healthcare. The practices of holistic healing treat your full body, mind, and soul as one piece to fix the underlying causes of disease and improve overall wellness.

Holistic Values - What Are They?

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Every practice has its own set of values. According to the holistic approach, for example, disease is caused by a problem in the whole body as opposed to one part. Holistic healers believe that a person is not defined by their condition; that individuals can achieve good health by strengthening their emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental wellness as a whole.

Types of Holistic Healers

For every method of holistic healing out there, there is someone who specializes in it. Holistic healers can range from certified doctors who work on the skeletal system to acupuncturists at massage studios. It all depends on the type of holistic healing your  body, mind, and spirit require.

People with the following occupations can be considered holistic healers, if they decide to practice as such:

  • Osteopaths – have medical degrees & work with the skeletal system
  • Ayurvedic doctors – use diet, herbal remedy, & lifestyle changes in treatment
  • Integrative physicians – doctors with specialty in blended treatment types
  • Acupuncturists – keep energy flowing smoothly through needles
  • Naturopathic doctors – doctors with specialty in natural therapies
  • Reiki instructors – use energies to heal
  • Holistic health coaches – advisors, cheerleaders, & coaches in one
  • Herbalists – use plants as medicine instead of pills

What Does A Holistic Doctor Do?

Holistic healers have a lot of responsibilities; and those duties may vary depending on their specialty or what their patient requires. In fact, holistic healing is strongly dependent on the relationship between the healer and the patient. It’s important that those interested in holistic healing find a specialist that they can communicate and be honest with.

Some of the responsibilities of a holistic healer may include:

  • Educating
  • Encouraging physical activity (exercise, yoga)
  • Providing self-care options & opportunities
  • Teaching meditation & mindfulness
  • Massage therapy

It’s required for any holistic healer to really understand their specialty and what goes into healing. Therefore, not just anyone can become a holistic doctor.

Who Can Become A Holistic Healer?

Holistic healers can fall into one of two categories: 

  • Those with a medical degree who prefer to base their treatments on holistic principles
  • Those who aren’t licensed to practice medicine, but have a career that promotes overall healing 

It’s clear that holistic healers have a lot of responsibilities; but, unfortunately, a majority of them are not considered “doctors” under medical terms. So what’s the difference between a doctor that practices traditional medicine and a holistic healer?

The Difference Between Traditional & Holistic Doctors

There are many differences between holistic and traditional doctors, but let’s start with three of the main ones.

First, as we mentioned before, holistic healers treat the body as one. So instead of treating a symptom in a certain part of the body, they try to clear the entire body.

Also, as we discussed, holistic healers and their patients should have strong relationships. The same can’t necessarily be said for traditional doctors, who sign prescriptions and primarily use medical terminology.

In fact, holistic healers rarely prescribe medicine at all. Instead, they assign tasks and recommend behaviors to practice after sessions.

Find A Holistic Healer Near You

Are you interested in finding a holistic healer in your area? Well, you’re in luck; because a holistic healer can work virtually anywhere. From rehabs to salons, you can find specialists in a variety of spaces.

If you’re looking for the perfect holistic healer for you, start by determining what you want and need. Once you know, search doctors’ specialties and experience before selecting someone.

For more information on holistic healing, or to find a holistic healer near you, contact us at 267.209.7313.


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