Types of Synthetic Drugs

Types of Synthetic Drugs

Common Types of Synthetic Drugs

There are many common types of synthetic drugs, but it’s first important to understand what that means in the first place. Overall, synthetic drugs are created using man-made materials instead of natural ingredients. These drugs are most common as stimulants and synthetic cannabinoids. learn more about these substances and the benefits of synthetic drug addiction treatment programs  today.

Common types of synthetic drugs

Stimulants: The Most Common Types of Synthetic Drugs

Stimulants specifically affect the central nervous system and increase alertness and cognitive function. The most common types of stimulants include caffeine. However, they also include nicotine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and amphetamines. Nearly 360,000 people received treatment for a stimulant addiction in 2012. Moreover, emergency room visits due to stimulants are reaching record highs, with 17,272 visits in 2011 alone. Prescription stimulants, such as Adderall, are also a major problem recreationally. Nearly 1.2 million people were nonmedical users of prescription types of synthetic drugs in 2012.

Synthetic Cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids include synthetic versions of marijuana, along with K2 and spice. The new forms of cannabinoids present unpredictable dangers, especially to young adults in high school and college. This is the demographic where usage in most common. Furthermore, these types of synthetic drugs have begun to wreak havoc in America. In 2014, there were 177 different types of synthetic cannabinoids reported, according to the NIDA. This comes after 28,531 ER visits were linked to synthetic cannabinoids in 2011. In addition, 78 percent of those visits were from individuals between the ages of 12-29.

Treatment for Synthetic Drugs

Are you currently struggling with an addiction to synthetic drugs in your life? If so, Silver Pines Treatment Center is here to help you find sobriety safely. With proven treatment, you can begin to reinvent your life for a healthy and happy future. For example, we offer programs for different types of synthetic drugs, including: 

It’s also important to gain an understanding of the common types of synthetic drugs and how you may develop an addiction in the first place. With our addiction therapy services, you can bring light to this information and make real changes in your life. To begin the admissions process, contact us today at 267.209.7313. We look forward to helping you find lifelong recovery at our comforting facilities in Hazleton, PA.

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