Physical Dependence vs Psychological Dependence

Physical Dependence vs Psychological Dependence

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t only affect a person’s physical state. It also has a major impact on the mental state. However, when it comes to physical dependence vs psychological dependence, what’s the difference between them? Moreover, how will rehab treat both?

Physical Dependence vs Psychological Dependence: What's the Difference?

When someone is dependent on drugs and alcohol, they form a habit. In fact, the more they practice the habit, the greater their dependence grows. To put it simply, physical dependence concerns the body, while psychological dependence concerns the mind.
As their body becomes physically dependent, the brain experiences chemical changes due to substance abuse. When the level of drugs and alcohol drops, the brain sends messages that the body needs more. Furthermore, the brain and body don’t feel “rewarded” until they receive the substance.
physical dependence vs psychological dependence
Over time, a person won’t be able to function without using the substance. Specifically, this is a physical dependence. If they stop using the substance, their body will go through withdrawal.
Psychologically, people become dependent on drugs and alcohol due to how it makes them feel emotional. As their habit becomes entrenched, they can associate things with using.
Someone with an alcohol dependence may have an emotional reaction to something as simple as ice clinking against a glass. For example, they feel a constant need to drink alcohol, even if they know it will lead to negative consequences. This is a psychological dependence.
In terms of physical dependence vs psychological dependence, someone can be dependent without actually having an addiction.

Treatment Requires Mind and Body Care

Although someone who’s dependent on drugs and alcohol might not have an addiction, it’s more likely to turn into addiction through long usage.
However, rehab that addresses all aspects of your health gives you a greater chance of lasting sobriety. Physically and mentally, you’ll become healthier and stronger as you work through rehab. All of your body’s components must heal for to you achieve true, lasting health.
This is done with regular counseling, as well as enjoyable activities that get you moving. In fact, you may also receive nutritional counseling that teaches you how to fuel your body with wholesome foods and drinks.

Begin Recovery in a Home-Like, Comfortable Setting

Silver Pines Treatment Center is an addiction treatment facility that addresses the physical and mental effects that drug and alcohol abuse cause. Moreover, we promote a very structured environment, which gives our clients the chance to focus on recovery.
For example, our addiction treatment programs include:
If you need help battling drug and alcohol dependence, reach out to us. Our compassionate team members are ready to help you overcome addiction and live a healthier, happier life. Contact us today at 267.719.8689 for more information.

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