How Does A Natural Detox Differ?

How Does A Natural Detox Differ?

If you’re trying to get sober, you should understand that detox is a very important part of the process. Before you can begin to grasp the concepts presented in addiction treatment, you must have a clear mind and body. One of the misconceptions is that you have to use certain medications in detoxification. While medication can make the process easier, it isn’t a necessity. You have the option to do a natural detox, and it may be the best option that you have when getting sober.

Why A Natural Detox May Help

The first thing you need to be aware of is that even when you choose natural detoxification, you may need to take certain medications. Some symptoms of withdrawal can cause seizures and heart problems. Proper medications can be lifesaving in these instances.
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Natural detoxification refers to a process in which your body processes out the substances in your system without the aid of potentially addictive medications.There’s nothing wrong with choosing to detox using medications like Suboxone, but some people prefer to go through detox without them.

Natural detoxification involves various methods that help heal your mind and body while your body detoxes. This process can be especially beneficial for anyone who is trying to get clean from a prescription drug addiction . Switching from one medication to another can be risky. In fact, some people end up exchanging their original addiction for a new one. With natural detoxification, you have plenty of ways to overcome physical as well as mental symptoms of withdrawal without this worry.

Forms of natural detoxification can include:

  • Yoga
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Meditation

Yoga and Meditation's Role In A Natural Detox

One of the best parts about natural detoxification is that it teaches you holistic methods that can also strengthen your recovery. Yoga is a practice that dates back thousands of years. It’s proven to help heal the mind and body. Through intricate movements, poses, and stretches, damaged muscles and nerves begin to heal. Yoga is also a moving form of meditation that increases your ability to focus.

Through natural detoxification, you’ll begin to learn the importance of mindfulness meditation. A common misconception is that meditation must happen sitting cross-legged on the ground surrounded by nature. In reality, meditation is simply about being fully aware of your current experience while not judging it. Different forms of meditation are scientifically proven to help with anxiety, depression, cravings, pain and more.

Nutrition and Exercise

Throughout your addiction, you’ve most likely done damage to your body. The nervous system and organs both suffer as a result of addiction and often require healing. Nutrition and exercise are key to help your body begin to recover.

Here at Silver Pines Treatment Center, we offer all our clients the option to undergo natural detoxification programs . We understand that each person has different needs, and we want to nurture what works for you. Join many others on the path of success in sobriety by calling us today at 267.209.7313.

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