National Impaired Driving Prevention Month in 2018

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month in 2018

Millions of people face devastation due to drunk driving every year. Gaining insight into this dangerous trend is an important part of correcting this ongoing issue. The following information will discuss the powerful impact that National Impaired Driving Prevention Month programs can have across the country.

What is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month?

Many government officials have shown a strong interest in reducing the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths related to driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, December has been established as the National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Programs centering around this initiative focus on educating people about the importance of driving sober. December is perfect for this initiative because of the proximity to Holiday celebrations that often combine frequent travel and opportunities to partake in the consumption of alcohol.
National Impaired Driving Prevention Month in 2018.

Signs of an Alcohol Abuse Problem

Recognizing an alcohol addiction can help you get the professional treatment you need to overcome this challenge. The following list touches on some of the common clues of a serious problem with alcohol:

Preoccupation with Drinking

Many people who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol will spend too much time thinking about consuming the substance. When they aren’t drinking, they may be planning to purchase more alcohol. They also spend far too much time recovering from the effects of drinking too much. This preoccupation is a focal point during National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

Cognitive and Behavioral Changes

Drinking too much can lead to memory loss, trouble concentrating, and similar types of cognitive decline. Behavioral changes can include mood instability, aggression, and panic attacks. These changes can make daily life extremely hard.

Secretive Actions

Those struggling with an addiction to alcohol might also start to hide certain behaviors. If they have a new circle of friends, they may not want their family to meet these people.This is important to address during National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.


Withdrawal from loved ones is a common event for those affected by addiction. They may also lose interest in beloved hobbies or social activities.

Getting Help for Alcohol Abuse

Thankfully, addiction education and treatment programs can give you much-needed relief from substance abuse issues. Many different therapeutic interventions exist that can give you the tools you need to overcome your challenges.
For starters, in-depth psychotherapy can help you get to the root of your issues with alcohol. Additionally, behavioral therapies can help you change self-defeating belief systems. Family therapies can help you restore loving relationships with the other members of your household. Finally, a relapse prevention plan can give you the skills necessary to be successful in the long run. These are all different tools you can utilize during National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.
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You don’t have to remain trapped in a cycle of addiction and self-defeating behavior. Therefore, make a change during National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Contact Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.209.7313 to learn how these innovative treatment options can help you heal.

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