Myths About Drug Addiction [Infographic]

Myths About Drug Addiction [Infographic]

Substance abuse is a major concern across the country today. However, there are many false beliefs when it comes to addiction. There are a variety of common myths about drug addiction that influence many people in the wrong way. Therefore, this can lead to an addiction on its own, and those around you may not provide the support you deserve.

Four Common Myths About Drug Addiction

Below are four common myths about drug addiction that are widely recognizable in today’s society. However, by bringing up these misconceptions, we can begin to learn more about substance abuse and necessity of addiction treatment .

Myths About Drug Addiction.

Myth One: Addiction is a Choice

The most common myth about drug addiction is that addiction is a choice. In fact, substance abuse causes distinct changes in the brain that change a person’s ability to use self-control. Yes, the initial decision to use may be a choice, but an addiction is technically a brain disease in which the individual does not have the ability to stop themselves.

Myth Two: You Can’t Develop An Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Many people believe you cannot develop an addiction to prescription medication if you use them properly by a doctor’s recommendation. However, this is a myth about drug addiction. Specifically, you can become addicted to these substance within a few days of use for an injury, trauma, or illness. Prescription medication can be very helpful, but many medications have a clear pathway to addiction, even when you use them correctly.

Myth Three: Addiction Should Be Punished

Addiction is different for everyone. This experience is very overwhelming and uncontrollable once it takes hold of your life. Many people, including those close to you, believe addiction is a bad behavior that deserves punishment. Therefore, the punishment will push you away from the substance abuse. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As stated above, addiction is a disease that takes complete control of someone’s life. This person needs support and effective addiction treatment to overcome this disease, not punishment that can only make matters worse.

Myth Four: Detox On Your Own Works

The most devastating myth about drug addiction involves detox. Many people believe they can overcome addiction at-home, without proper treatment, care, and supervision. However, facing detox on your own is one of the riskiest decisions you can make. Without professional detox, you are much more likely to relapse and overdose. The urge to return to drug use will be much more apparent. Furthermore, you aren’t leaving the environment and social circles which led to your addiction in the first place. Lastly, and most important of all, withdrawal symptoms can be deadly if they are not managed properly. Without medical supervision, and possibly medication-assisted treatment, you may suffer severe drug withdrawal symptoms that can lead to seizures, coma, and death.

Seek Help At Silver Pines for Drug Addiction

Are you struggling with substance abuse in your life? In addition, have you fallen victim to these common myths about drug addiction? If so, Silver Pines Treatment Center is here for you. For example, we offer programs such as: 

  • Medical detox
  • Inpatient treatment program
  • Relapse prevention
  • Mental health treatment

Don’t let common myths about drug addiction influence your decision to forego treatment. Call us today at 267.209.7313 to learn more about drug addiction recovery at Silver Pines.

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