Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Techniques

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Techniques

Mindfulness is a buzzword you’ve probably heard of before, but you may not realize this concept can be used to assist in relapse prevention. It’s a simple idea that can be quite effective. Mindfulness refers to being present in the moment, which is something that can greatly help you when it comes to managing cravings. Take a look to see how mindfulness based relapse prevention works, along with some techniques used in this treatment approach.

About Mindfulness Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness based relapse prevention, or MBRP, is a method of treatment to address substance abuse. The basic idea of the approach is that it combines mindfulness meditation with such trusted counseling techniques and relapse prevention strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy. The practice encourages individuals to be compassionate with and accepting of themselves, including the times they are attempting to manage cravings.
Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Techniques
Rather than trying to avoid thinking about the urge to use, MBRP encourages you to simply accept that cravings are a natural part of the recovery process. It’s normal, and this approach to relapse prevention emphasizes learning how to roll with any cravings that develop. MBRP uses various techniques to help individuals better manage their urges.

MBRP Techniques

Mindfulness based relapse prevention can be used with 12-step programs and various standard counseling techniques. However, it offers a number of methods of its own that contribute to the effectiveness of relapse prevention in those who take part in this type of therapy. These techniques are often combined with meditation, though it isn’t mandatory.
Simply paying attention is one of the main strategies in MBRP. Take note of when you want to use and keep track in some way. Therefore, you can be aware of the progress you’re making and how you feel during these urges. Urge surfing is another important technique. It encourages you to try to wait about 20 minutes to ride the craving out. Usually it will lessen. Acceptance and compassion are essential components of MBRP, both for yourself and for others.

Silver Pines Treatment Center And Mindfulness Relapse Prevention

When you’re trying to overcome substance abuse, a relapse prevention plan and support from a professional facility such as Silver Pines Treatment Center or other quality PA detox centers can provide tremendous support. Along with innovative strategies such as mindfulness based relapse prevention techniques, you’ll receive the tools and education you need for a successful recovery.
Highlights of Silver Pines programs include:
The staff here takes a holistic approach to mindfulness relapse prevention. We believe the whole body needs treatment in order to achieve optimal recovery. Let us help you on your road to overall health and well being. You don’t have to face this process alone. Call us at 267.209.7313.

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