Krokodil Drug Effects

Krokodil Drug Effects

While the opioid epidemic often centers on prescription drugs found in the US, a homemade, synthetic opioid called Krokodil is currently troubling Russia. There are no confirmed cases of Krokodil use in the US to date. There have been a few suspected cases, unfortunately. Given the history of homemade drugs becoming popular almost overnight, knowing the Krokodil drug effects is a good idea.

Immediate Krokodil Drug Effects

Krokodil, which is made from codeine, offers a very fast-acting high. It often works within a few minutes. It creates a more potent sense of euphoria than morphine. It’s also more addictive.
The drug also wears off faster than many other opioids. The high routinely lasts only an hour or two, which means multiple doses across the course of a day for serious addicts.
What are the most common krokodil drug effects

Physical Krokodil Drug Effects

The physical Krokodil drug effects are many and often quite horrifying. A very common effect is a users skin turning a gray or green color and becoming scaly, like a reptile. This helps account for the drug’s street name. Some of the other effects include:
  • Skin ulcers
  • Tissue infections and Gangrene
  • Blood poisoning and Organ damage
  • Blood vessel damage
In more extreme Krokodil drug effects cases, doctors must perform amputations of users limbs because of the soft tissue or bone damage. The need for frequent injections also increases the odds of needle sharing, which increase the risks of getting HIV/AIDS or other infections.

Krokodil and the US

Codeine is under fairly strict control in the US. In most cases, it requires a prescription. That limits the quantity of codeine available for making Krokodil. Codeine is still available through illicit channels. That paired with the fact that someone with a little know-how can cook Krokodil at home means it may still become a problem in the US. This is where the Krokodil drug effects come into play.


Since Krokodil has no official presence in the US, there is no formal treatment program for the synthetic drug addiction. It would probably follow a similar treatment pattern as other opioids. That means a stint in rehab for stabilization and a rehab program.
Clients in opioid rehab receive numerous treatments for Krokodil drug effects, such as:
In general, participating in a residential rehab program offers you the best shot at achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety.

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