Is It Bad to Drink A Bottle Of Wine In One Sitting?

Is It Bad to Drink A Bottle Of Wine In One Sitting?

Does this situation sound familiar to you? You’re hosting some friends to chat and sip on some wine, when you suddenly realize that you just finished an entire bottle by yourself. It happens to the best of us, and most of the time it’s accidental. But should we be worried about our health if we drink a full bottle of wine in one night?

What Happens When You Drink A Bottle of Wine

Every bottle of wine varies depending on size and type, but an average-sized 750mL bottle holds five standard pours or glasses of wine. The wine will typically contain about 615 liquid calories and seven grams of sugar.
Despite the shot of sugar in each glass, wine may ultimately lower blood sugar. Wine, along with other forms of alcohol, interacts with the liver. When the liver is impacted by wine, it produces less glucose. This can result in lower levels of blood sugar, which can be risky for individuals with diseases that affect blood sugar (such as diabetes).
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If you consume these five glasses, you will be considered legally intoxicated. However, whether or not you feel side effects of being drunk after a bottle of wine depends on a variety of factors including weight, alcohol content in the wine, how much you ate that day, and more. Once you are intoxicated, you will likely feel a lack of coordination and slower reaction time than usual. Physically, you may also experience a stuffy nose or other types of congestion when you’re under the influence of alcohol. Wine may also cause eventual issues with blood pressure and heart rate or pulse.

What the Professionals Say About It

You may have heard recently that some scientists recommend drinking wine frequently, especially if it’s red. This is because red wine is known to produce high amounts of polyphenols, which are very beneficial for the body. Red wine can also reduce the risk of heart disease and improve gut health.
While wine certainly has its health benefits, there are definitely risks that come with drinking it frequently. To prevent addiction or future health concerns, it is not recommended to frequently or regularly drink a bottle of wine in one sitting.

Is It Bad to Drink A Bottle of Wine In A Night?

While it’s understandable to occasionally drink a full bottle of wine, it’s a good idea to not consume a large amount of alcohol at once. Instead, it’s recommended to spread a few glasses of wine throughout the week to reap all of its health benefits.
If you are currently watching your weight, you may want to prevent drinking a bottle of wine at once. Drinking wine not only stops the fat-burning process that your body usually undergoes, but it makes you crave salty and fatty foods. Wine can also cause an allergic reaction, so it should be consumed with caution.

Controlling Your Wine Consumption

Of course, you should not consume more than one glass of wine if you are planning to drive. Drinking a bottle of wine guarantees that you will hit the BAC (blood-alcohol content) level, which makes it illegal to get behind the wheel. If you finish a bottle of wine at 10pm, the alcohol will leave your system at about 3am; so if you are planning to drink a full bottle, you should plan sleeping arrangements.
Ultimately, it is not encouraged to consume a bottle of wine within a night. However, it can be beneficial to drink slightly less than one full glass per day.
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