How to Treat Amphetamine Addiction

How to Treat Amphetamine Addiction

People with an amphetamine addiction have a preoccupation with trying to feel more alert and speed up their metabolism. Unfortunately, these prescriptions and, in some cases, illegal drugs have a wide range of side effects on the person and can have permanent and long-lasting consequences. However, with the right support system and amphetamine treatment center, on your side helping with their rehab, recovery is possible.
Before you enroll yourself or a loved one in an amphetamine addiction rehab like the programs found at Silver Pines Treatment Center, knowing what to expect from the process can help better prepare you for the road ahead. So if you’ve had questions about the intricacies of how to treat amphetamine addiction, we’re here to answer your most pressing questions. 

Does the Type of Amphetamine Change the Treatment?

When it comes to someone suffering from an amphetamine addiction, various types can cause an issue. For example, prescription medications like Dexedrine, Ritalin, and Adderall have different side effects than methamphetamine and other illegal narcotics. While the potential long-term side effects are similar, the nature of prescription versus illicit drugs can make getting more accessible than it would otherwise. However, the overall treatment programs for recovery aren’t changed too much based on the type.

How to Identify Amphetamine Addiction

Knowing how to identify someone suffering from an amphetamine addiction goes a long way toward getting them the help they need for recovery. Some of the most common signs of amphetamine abuse that you can look out for include the following:
  • Noticing someone taking more than the prescribed amount
  • Inability to cut down on prescription use
  • Uncontrollable cravings for more amphetamines
  • Falling obligations at home, work, or school
  • Giving up activities they used to enjoy due to their amphetamine use
  • Using amphetamines at inappropriate times
Additionally, you can keep an eye out for signs that someone is abusing amphetamines by staying vigilant for symptoms like memory loss, hallucinations, difficulty concentrating, aggressive behavior, depression, irregular heart rate, tooth decay, and more. The longer someone suffers from this addiction, the more likely they are to overdose.

You’ve Identified a Loved One With an Amphetamine Addiction — Now What?

If you have figured out that a loved one is suffering from an amphetamine addiction, you have an array of treatment options available to help with their recovery. Unfortunately, no one option works for every patient; however, with the right help and guidance, you can find a treatment program that makes the most sense for their ongoing support and recovery.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

For people looking to begin their recovery journey away from the stressors and pressures of their daily life, an inpatient treatment program could prove beneficial. These programs offer patients a comfortable environment with home-style amenities in a secluded setting. It acts as a safe haven for them where they can focus on their recovery in peace and without outside interference.

Personalized Mental Health Treatments

One of the potential side effects of an amphetamine addiction is someone developing a co-occurring mental health disorder. In some cases, these conditions can even come first and lead to a potential overreliance on the drug for their daily lives. Therefore, finding a residential addiction treatment program that focuses on their particular needs and what they respond to becomes vital. 
We offer our patients various psychiatric therapy options for their unique needs at Silver Pines Treatment Center. Our staff specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), contingency management (CM), and family behavior therapy (FBT.) 

Trust Silver Pines Treatment Center With Your Recovery From Amphetamine Addiction

Finding an experienced amphetamine treatment center to help with your loved one’s recovery journey is vital. Fortunately, Silver Pines Treatment Center has an experienced and nurturing staff that can help with their ongoing treatment for amphetamine addiction. Contact our team at 267.209.7313 to learn more about our programs and admissions process today. 


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