Am I a Drug Addict?

Am I a Drug Addict?

It can often be difficult to know whether you’re a drug addict or not, and this is quite common. There’s a lack of awareness and education about addiction, and there’s, unfortunately, a stigma as well. People believe that having an addiction is something to be ashamed of, but this is a misconception. Those who struggle with an addiction have an illness and are not necessarily bad people.

What Makes a Person a Drug Addict?

One of the reasons drug prevention methods rarely work is because most people are going to try drugs as teenagers. Pure curiosity is one of the reasons why a person may try drugs, but others may receive a prescription for them. Addiction affects about one out of every 12 people, so it’s quite rare that person becomes addicted. Although it’s rare, it’s also potentially fatal so it’s important to ask yourself some of these questions:
am i a drug addict
  • Do you find it difficult to regulate how much you use or stop?
  • Have you experienced consequences because of your substance use?
  • Have you become withdrawn from friends or family?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about drugs more often than not?
  • Have loved ones shown concern about your drug use?
In most cases, you’re going to have to begin diagnosing yourself for a drug addiction in order to begin recovering. Addiction affects the parts of the brain responsible for survival and self-awareness. Many people are in an unknowing state of denial during their addiction, which means they need clarity. Answering these questions honestly may help you understand if you’re a drug addict.

Why it Seems Difficult to Recover

There’s a part of the brain known as the amygdala, and it is responsible for primitive survival instincts. This part of the brain leads us towards pleasure, which is what someone gets with a heroin addiction and other addictions. Those who have an addiction may want to quit, but they feel like they need drugs in order to feel well. This is because the amygdala has made drugs a priority over everything else in a person’s life.

How Addiction Treatment Helps

Once you have a moment of clarity in which you understand that your drug use has become a problem, we can help. One of the symptoms of addiction you may have experienced is withdrawal. Physical dependence is one of the clearest signs of addiction, and it’s difficult to overcome alone. Silver Pines Treatment Center provides a full detox program to help you through this stage.

When detox is complete, Silver Pines offers a home-like atmosphere where you’ll feel both safe and comfortable. We have a wide range of programs to help you understand your addiction better so you can begin to heal. Through different types of therapies, our family program, and recreational activities, you’ll find hope. You can call us today for more information about our addiction treatment services at 267.209.7313.

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