The Difference Between Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack

The Difference Between Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack

There’s a significant difference between panic attack and anxiety attack. However, people typically use the terms interchangeably. If you struggle with chemical dependency, both conditions can be powerful use triggers. But did you know that you don’t have to let them dictate your actions any longer?

Determining the Difference Between Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack

You’re doing something mundane. Everything’s fine, and there’s nothing special about your activity. Suddenly, your heartbeat starts racing. You feel nauseated.
You breathe hard. An overwhelming sense of dread or fear threatens to paralyze you. A fight or flight response sets in. Typically, this is what a panic attack feels like.
What is The Difference Between Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack?
In contrast, an anxiety attack happens to people who might already undergo anxiety treatment. Others don’t have a diagnosis yet. You suddenly begin to worry about a job, financial problem, relationship issue, or something else. Usually, these fears have a particular focus.
However, when discussing the difference between panic attack and anxiety attack, it bears mentioning that they’re just as baseless. There isn’t anything actually wrong with the situation you develop anxiety about. Although anxiety attacks may present with physical symptoms, they’re rarely as severe as those of panic attacks.

What Causes the Attacks?

Frequently, there aren’t any identifiable triggers. Rather, the attacks can come out of nowhere, which makes them so difficult to deal with. However, there are also attacks that are the results of external stimuli. For example, if you have social anxiety, being in a store or other crowded setting can trigger you.

Why You Might Be at a High Risk for Chemical Dependency

Many people don’t receive an official diagnosis for the conditions. Even so, they fear a recurrence of the attacks. Therefore, they might self-medicate to prevent it from happening. For example, some might reason that a few drinks will loosen them up enough to deal with social anxiety.
Others may think that overdoing opioids will numb them enough to function without panic or anxiety. Rather than providing the relief, they look for, substance abuse creates addiction. You now have a growing list of problems. However, there’s hope.

Enter Rehab with a Dual Diagnosis Focus

Dual diagnosis is a term that refers to addiction with underlying mental health triggers. You undergo treatment to manage both situations. Possible therapies include:
  • Anxiety or depression treatment for the underlying condition
  • Medically-assisted treatment that lets you manage mental health conditions after rehab
  • Trauma care for problems from the past that trigger you at this time
  • Behavioral counseling as a way to focus on the development of healthy coping strategies
  • Family counseling, which encourages loved ones to learn about your situation and support you
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