Detox Definition

Detox Definition

Input the term “detoxification” into the search engine of your choice, and you get plenty of information on nutrition. The real detox definition, however, revolves around the struggle to break a physiological dependence on a substance. Against this backdrop, detox is the first step in recovery from drug abuse or an alcohol use disorder. What exactly do you need for a productive and beneficial detox experience?

You Need a Facility with a Holistic Approach

Drug abuse doesn’t just affect the body. It also wreaks havoc on the mind and the spirit. For effective treatment to take place, modalities must offer approaches to healing the person as a whole. This level of care helps clients undergoing detoxification to achieve an overall equilibrium. The biggest mistake you can make is to attempt an at-home detox on your own.
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Depending on the substance you’ve been struggling with, withdrawal symptoms can prove to be more dangerous than you think. Also, remember that you’re still facing your triggers, access to the drug, and paraphernalia. In some cases, you may also have to deal with a household that uses even while you want to quit. Retreating to a facility with health care professionals gets you out of this environment. You gain perspective through distance. There’s no ready availability of the drug or the pusher. Most importantly, you have help in your effort to overcome the addiction.

The Detox Definition is Not Synonymous with Luxury Rehab

There’s a mistaken belief that detox means kicking back, watching TV, and waiting for withdrawal symptoms to stop. Although rest and relaxation are certainly part of the equation, an efficient treatment setting provides more. Examples of modalities include:

  • Life skills training that helps you become self-sufficient and run your household when you leave
  • A homelike setting that doesn’t emphasize a clinical appeal but instead tries to keep the environment natural
  • Nutritional counselin helps you to understand how to get healthier and support your healing body
  • Fitness therapy is another modality that supports your health and introduces you to new hobbies, which assists with relapse prevention
  • Structured daily activities that include various addiction treatments such as one-on-one talk therapy as well as group meetings

In a setting that combines a holistic approach with evidence-based therapies, there’s not a lot of room for any idle time. You spend your time learning, focusing, and setting goals for your life.

Recovering from an Addiction

If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction, detoxification starts the healing process. Next, rehab supports overcoming a psychological addiction. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, you get both. Call 267.209.7313 today to schedule an intake interview and begin alcohol detox or drug detox.

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