Depression and Anxiety With Addiction

Depression and Anxiety With Addiction

Although many people who abuse drugs and alcohol do so in an effort to make themselves feel better, the opposite often happens instead. Moreover, this is because continued substance abuse feeds into depression and anxiety. People with no history of mental health issues are at risk of developing them if they don’t seek treatment for addiction.

How Depression and Anxiety Tie Into Addiction

Drug and alcohol dependency have major impacts on a person’s physical, emotional, and mental health. However, in some cases, someone starts out with a mental health issue — such as anxiety or depression — and self-medicates with addictive substances.

It’s not always clear which comes first: addiction or depression and anxiety. What is clear is that there’s a connection between a person’s drug use and deteriorating mental health. Moreover, people with mental health issues are at higher risk of developing a substance use disorder. 

Depression and anxiety with addiction
The more someone abuses heroin, meth, or even prescription painkillers, the higher the likelihood they’ll feel anxious.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When people have mental health disorders along with drug and alcohol addiction, it’s very important to receive proper treatment. In fact, not treating both at the same time often leads to disappointing results and relapse.

For example, someone who only receives treatment for depression may seem better at first. However, because their addiction isn’t addressed, they’ll likely continue abusing drugs and alcohol. They’ll probably return to depression and anxiety.

Likewise, a person who is treated only for a substance use disorder will still have the same negative thought patterns. Specifically, they’ll eventually lead back to medicating with drugs and alcohol.

Dual diagnosis treatment is key for helping individuals work through both disorders simultaneously. Sometimes, medication helps manage depression and anxiety, but medicine is no cure-all. In addition, people with co-occurring disorders must also receive therapies that address the addiction. With a comprehensive treatment plan, a person can recover.

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