Can Detoxing Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Can Detoxing Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Our bodies go through fundamental changes when we begin to undergo alcohol detox. You have become accustomed to functioning with the presence of this particular substance in your system for a prolonged time, so the adjustment period to life without it can be a jarring experience even inside of an alcohol detox center. There are multiple possible side effects you can experience, but among these symptoms, can detoxing raise your blood pressure?

Which Factors Influence Your Blood Pressure?

Before understanding how reducing alcohol consumption can affect it, you should know what factors influence your blood pressure. The primary factors determining this reading are resistance, blood viscosity, and blood vessel diameter. How easily blood flows through our veins comes down to a mix of these three pieces of the puzzle.
However, external stressors can greatly affect these three components. When we experience stressful situations, elements such as anxiety, having a poor diet filled with processed foods, and other genetic risk factors can all contribute to high blood pressure or hypertension. When you’re beginning your alcohol detox, it can also increase your levels and, in rare cases, cause a medical emergency — but why is that?

Does Heavy Drinking Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Having three drinks in a single sitting may cause a temporary increase in blood pressure that you may not even notice. However, when you make heavy drinking a part of your routine, more long-term effects become apparent. For men, heavy drinking gets classified as four or more drinks, and for women, it’s three and up. If they continue to consume alcohol excessively, they may develop additional risk factors or worsen existing ones.

How Detoxing Raises Your Blood Pressure

During the first phase of your detox, you can expect to feel a slew of withdrawal symptoms that directly correlate to your body adjusting to the absence of alcohol. From convulsions to anxiety, vomiting, nausea, and more, your body is trying to compensate for the sudden lack of a substance that has been ever-present throughout the day. Among the most common physical withdrawal symptoms is hypertension. The stress that your body feels as it readjusts to life without alcohol can increase your blood pressure to potentially unsafe levels. If you’re dealing with heavy alcohol addiction, the potential ramifications of trying to detox on your own can lead to various health conditions that require immediate medical attention.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcohol addiction affects more than 6% of all adults in the United States. It remains a growing issue with people and is the country’s third leading cause of death. While some people can quit cold turkey without needing help from anyone, others are not so lucky and may experience serious withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Silver Pines Treatment Center can help provide the assistance and support you need to handle whatever withdrawal symptoms present themselves.

Having medical professionals on your side to keep an eye on your detox can help identify issues before they worsen and prevent medical emergencies. If your blood pressure rises or drops to unsafe levels, they can respond quickly and provide you with the help you need to move on to our outpatient treatment and rehab program to continue your recovery. If you or someone you love is dealing with alcohol addiction and wishes to get sober, our experienced and compassionate team is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact Silver Pines Treatment Center to speak with one of our trained staff by calling (866)-345-2147 today!  


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