Benefits of PHP

Benefits of PHP

Embarking on a new journey of recovery can be daunting and scary.  You may be wondering how people are able to get sober, let alone stay sober, and manage their daily life tasks and all of the emotions that one may feel.  This process is not meant to be done alone, and that’s why there are programs designed to support you through the challenging process of early recovery.  Whether you’re considering going to a detox or residential program, you may also be in need of additional support when those programs end.  Partial Hospitalization, or PHP, is made to help you through the process of life after detox or residential treatment.

Continued Support

A typical detox program might last anywhere between 5 to 14 days.  If you attend residential treatment, you may be there a week to around 1 month.  While these programs serve very important purposes, they aren’t designed to help support someone through their continued process of early recovery.  PHP is a longer-term stay, typically around 1-2 months of time.  This length of stay helps you through the first 1-4 months of your recovery, which can be a very vulnerable time.

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Structured Living

Some PHP programs offer structured living while attending PHP services.  The benefits of structured living are plenty, but overall it provides a safe and supportive living environment that encourages the recovery process for those living in the house.  Housemates are able to attend 12-step or other recovery support meetings and use each other for support and encouragement when challenges are faced.  There are also plenty of life-skills that can be learned through this process such as, cooking, laundry, cleaning and the lessons that come from community living and sharing space.

Clinical Support

While attending a PHP program, there are a number of group therapy sessions as well as individual therapy sessions to continue the clinical work with educated professionals.  These clinical services take place for about 5-6 hours a day, typically 5-6 days per week.  This provides a healthy balance between structured clinical support and outside community living to provide individuals with an ideal setting to build their recovery tools and supports.  Individuals are able to navigate their new life in recovery, the challenges and successes, along with the assistance and guidance of their clinicians and trained staff.

Access to Outside Supports

While in a PHP program and attending outside 12-step based or recovery support meetings, people are able to start building their network and foundation by reaching out to others in recovery.  By expanding their base of supports into the outside recovery community, they start to build connection in recovery by making new connections, friends, and even obtaining sponsors. This process can be tremendously helpful for someone transitioning into life after PHP. It is also possible for supportive loved ones to visit and have therapy sessions with their loved one depending on their program and their guidelines. 

Involving immediate family and loved ones into someone’s recovery process is not only helpful to the persons recovery, but also can be healing for all parties involved. PHP programs are designed for anyone, from someone first entering treatment for their first time, to someone who has been to treatment many times.  Early recovery is the most challenging part of recovery, and it should be supported as such. With proper therapy, support and education, it is possible to remain sober long-term.

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