Are Dab Pens Dangerous?

Are Dab Pens Dangerous?

If you’re a parent or a young adult, you’ve likely heard of dab pens before. These compact, sleek pens are rising in popularity throughout the United States because of their ease and convenience. But are people who use them overlooking the dangers that dab pens may bring?

Dabs: What Are They?

Basically, a “dab” is a combination of highly-concentrated THC and butane hash oil. Dabs are produced by a chemical process that extracts the oils from cannabis. Butane is poured over marijuana, which makes its THC dissolve into butane. This results in a sticky, wax-like substance. Dabs, otherwise known as wax, amber, honeycomb, shatter, and budder, can be consumed in multiple formats, including a dab pen.
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What Is A Dab Pen?

A dab pen is a small pen-like piece of technology that is otherwise known as a vape or a vape pen. Dab pens are created by putting the oil from dabs into a small cartridge. These cannabis oils are typically artificially flavored.

Why People Smoke Dab Pens

As mentioned earlier, people primarily smoke dabs pens because of their convenience and sleek format. However, there are many other reasons that people choose to smoke dab pens over traditional marijuana.

Firstly, dab pens don’t produce any odor or smoke. Individuals could, theoretically, smoke dab pens in public without being noticed or reprimanded. They are also very easy to store and hide, which makes them a hot commodity among teenagers and students who are trying to conceal their drug use.

Side Effects of Smoking Dab Pens

While dab pens have their benefits, they also come with their fair share of risks. Primarily, you never know exactly what you’re consuming when you smoke a dab pen. The oil in these cartridges may contain unknown additives and toxins that can lead to serious health complications.

Additionally, dab pens may cause side effects during or after use. Symptoms may include rapid heartbeat, possible blackouts, a crawling sensation in the skin, and paranoia.

Is It Dangerous to Use Dab Pens?

Yes, dab pens are dangerous. Because they have a higher concentration of THC than regular marijuana, they come with a higher chance of increased tolerance and withdrawal. Dab pens may also increase someone’s chances of developing lung-related illnesses.

However, there is not enough specific research to back up whether or not dab pens are safe or dangerous to use. Because of the lack of research, it’s recommended that individuals stop using dab pens or consider alternatives.

Alternatives to Dab Pens

Many individuals who use dab pens may not be able to legally consume marijuana. However, for those who use dab pens as a form of treatment or medicine, traditional marijuana may be a better alternative. With traditional cannabis, patients have a better understanding of what is going into their bodies.

There are currently no other alternatives to dab pens. However, there is continuously more research being done to learn about the effects of cannabis and other marijuana products. To learn more about dab pens and other popular marijuana products, contact our team of substance abuse specialists by calling 267.209.7313.


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