Am I A Sex Addict?

Am I A Sex Addict?

How to Determine if You Have A Sex Addiction

Wanting to have sex frequently is completely healthy and normal – to an extent.

While craving sex is natural for humans, it can become detrimental. When sex is the only thing that occupies a person’s mind, their thought and behaviors will begin to change.

So where’s the line? How do you know if you’ve gone from simply wanting and enjoying sex to relying on it?

We’ve compiled this short guide on sex addiction complete with definitions, symptoms, and treamtent options to help you determine if you or a loved one is battling this addiction:

Relationship problems affecting sex drive as well

What Is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is defined as a compulsive need to perform sexual acts. Having sex, to an addict, is like achieving a “fix” that an alcoholic would get from taking a drink.

People with a sex addiction typically care more about the act of having sex more than they do about the person they’re engaging in it with. They will turn down other activities to engage in sexual acts, and will show signs of devastation if they can’t have sex when they want it.

Believe it or not, this addiction is extremely common. But since it’s so difficult to determine and diagnose, not a lot of people have this disease on paper. Sex addiction has been excluded from official lists of addiction and mental disorders, but is still widely studied by psychologists because of its interesting and possibly detrimental effects.

4 Signs of Sex Addiction

There are many signs of sex addiction, but below are some of the most common and noticeable ones. If you are addicted to sex, you may….

  • Be engaging in relations with multiple partners
  • Masturbate excessively
  • Watch pornography or other sexual content frequently
  • Feel guilt or remorse after sex

Many more less obvious symptoms of sex addiction are out there, but the four above should be clear signs that you may be dealing with an addiction problem.

You May Be A Sex Addict If…

Do you think you might have a sex addiction? Answer these questions on your own to help determine if you should move forward with trying to get a diagnosis & receive treatment:

  1. Is sex all that is on your mind? Is the desire interfering with your daily life?
  2. Have you had trouble stopping your behavior, even when you wanted to?
  3. Are your romantic and other relationships being compromised?
  4. Are you altering your daily schedule to perform sexual acts?

If you answered “yes” to any of these four questions, you may be showing signs of an addiction to sex.

Are You Addicted to Sex?

Of course, answering “yes” to the questions above does not make you a sex addict. But if you’re noticing that the craving for sex is interfering with your life, it might be time to take action.

The first step is to accept yourself. There is nothing wrong with you if you develop an addiction to sex; and there are many ways to transform your addiction into a healthy relationship with sex.

If you think you may have or be forming an addiction, start talking to your doctor about treatment options.

Treating Sex Addictions

Since the number of individuals with sex addictions has been increasing, there are more emerging treatments for the disorder. Some options include:

  • In-patient treatment
  • 12-step programs
  • CBT
  • Medication – antidepressants

Talk to your doctor or a specialist about what treatment option is best for you. Some individuals may find the best results when combining methods, depending on the severity of the case.

If you or someone you know is battling a sex addiction, there are many ways to determine the root of the problem and work on transforming your addiction into something healthy. To learn more about sex addiction and other types of addiction disorders, contact our team by calling 267.209.7313.

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