A Letter to the Alcoholics Spouse during COVID-19

A Letter to the Alcoholics Spouse during COVID-19

The intention of this post is to reach out to anyone who is out there living with an active alcoholic spouse during COVID-19 and let you know that you are not alone.  I am sure that it is hard to live with an active alcoholic every day, but to live with an active alcoholic during COVID-19 is a completely different beast.  To anyone who is currently stuck in their home with a spouse who actively drinking all day during this pandemic, we know you are struggling and we want to help.

Do They Want Help?

You may be feeling like you have asked your spouse a hundred times if they want to stop drinking.  Or you may have never asked them if they want help, but now is as good a time as ever to ask the question.  The worst thing they can do is say no and keep doing what they have been doing, but maybe asking this time is the right time.  Maybe this time will get them closer to saying yes.
stressed couple dealing with alcohol addiction
Maybe this time will get them thinking about how to get help.  Maybe this time, they will say yes they want to stop drinking.  You never know, unless you ask. If they do want help to stop drinking during COVID-19, then jump on the chance to get them help right away.  During these times, when most people are laid off from work is the easiest way to get someone to commit to going away for a detox or rehab program.  The old excuse, “I can’t take off work” doesn’t exist right now for most people.  Plenty of programs are affordable if you have health insurance and some may even take someone with no insurance at all.

How To Find Help For Your Spouse?

If you think your spouse is ready to get help or you just want to make sure that you have an option if they say they are ready, then please reach out to our admissions team right away!  Our admission’s team is ready to answer any questions you have at any time of day.

The process of getting your spouse help can be very easy if you have all the information and your spouse is willing to get help.  Our admission’s team will spend time guiding you through the steps of how to get your spouse help and what kind of help he needs immediately. COVID-19 is not going to stop people from getting help for alcohol and it may actually be a way for people to access treatment easier.

The virus is affecting everyone right now in many ways, but it is not closing the doors to help for anyone with an alcohol problem.  Treatment facilities that are staying open during this pandemic are taking the necessary precautions just like any other business.

Advanced sterilization, emergency policies and procedures, virtual therapy and telemedicine are just a few of the examples that most healthcare companies are using during times like these.  Get help now for your loved ones!

Just Hold On

If you are living with an alcoholic spouse during COVID-19 and do not know what to do, just hold on and remember that you are not alone.  Many people right now are feeling trapped in their homes, not just by the virus, but also because of their living arrangements.  If you need help yourself, then you should also be seeking it.  There are plenty of online support groups and during COVID-19 these support groups have only gotten easier to access. Online video support meetings, chatrooms and many types of forums exist out there to help give you support.

Remember, if you think your spouse might be ready to get help to stop drinking, then just ask.  COVID-19 does not have to make your life or their life harder to get help.

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