6 Movies About Getting Sober

6 Movies About Getting Sober

The Best Films to Watch While in Recovery

If you or a loved one has ever worked on getting sober, you know that recovery can be a tough yet extremely rewarding process. Even though some people have been sober for decades, their recovery journey is never really over. Those who are trying to get or stay sober have to fight triggers all around them every day.

For example, those going through recovery may feel tempted by songs, television shows, advertisements, or movies that glorify alcohol or drug use. While it may be hard for people who are getting sober to steer clear of entertainment that glorifies substances, they can try their best to surround themselves with supportive and encouraging material.

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Seeking Sobriety: What Should You Watch?

While there are many movies and shows that show the dangers of alcohol or drug use, there isn’t as wide of a selection when it comes to films about getting sober. It takes careful consideration to create a film that accurately and tastefully portrays the life of a person working on their sobriety. But there are still many movies that show the experiences, bumps in the road, and successes of individuals going through recovery.

Movies About Recovery

Below are some movies about addiction, abuse, and getting sober or beginning recovery. 

  • 28 Days – Starring Sandra Bullock, this drama follows a party girl who is reluctantly placed in rehab after a series of alcohol-related incidents. She eventually realizes and admits that she has an addiction; she then truly starts her journey toward recovery.
  • Smashed – This movie, which also portrays a woman who accepts her addiction, shows the importance of community and support groups during recovery.
  • When A Man Loves A Woman – This film starring Meg Ryan sends a message that addiction and recovery can affect marriages and relationships in complicated ways.
  • Flight – Denzel Washington plays an airline pilot who struggles with functioning alcoholism and recovery in this gripping story that is based on true events.
  • Walk The Line – This real-life story portrays the life of a young Johnny Cash as he struggles with tragedies that fuel his addiction. He is later lifted up, however, by love and support from June Carter.
  • Rocketman – The musical film that takes viewers through the life of a young Elton John may seem light and uplifting at first glance, but shows the experience of a person dealing with drug dependence and rising fame.

These movies show the raw and sometimes (in the cases of Walk The Line & Rocketman) real experiences of people fighting addiction and working to achieve a life of sobriety.

More Ways to Increase Success in Sobriety

In addition to consuming entertainment that shows the positives of sobriety, those who are in recovery should practice other behaviors during their journey. Everyone’s experience will be different based on their addiction and its severity, but the key is always support. If someone goes through recovery with a strong support network, their chances of success will be higher. Support can be found through family members, friends, members of support groups, sponsors, therapists, and more.

In addition to finding a support system, those in recovery are encouraged to steer clear from all drugs and alcohol in order to resist temptation. Spending time with someone else who is sober may allow those in recovery to get their mind off of cravings. Staying active, meditating, and practicing other forms of self care can also increase one’s chances of a successful recovery.

For more tips about which movies or TV shows to watch while getting sober, contact our team of recovery specialists. We will equip you with the tools you need to move on from your dependence live a happy and healthy life.

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