12 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Drug Rehab Facility

12 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Drug Rehab Facility

Deciding Which Substance Abuse Treatment Center Is Best For You Or A Loved One

There are plenty of rehab centers out there that can provide quality care for individuals with substance abuse disorders in a comfortable environment. But since recovery is not a one-size-fits-all concept, what works for one person might be unsuccessful for someone else.Every addiction recovery center is different. Some rehabs strive for an at-home atmosphere, for example – while others provide an escape and offer amenities like gourmet chefs. Certain centers prioritize talk therapy and group meetings, while other facilities take a medically-assisted approach or utilize a combination of treatments.


With all of the options out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to find the right treatment center for you. Though it may be easy to just select the facility that is closest to your home, there should be a lot more factors going into that decision. Not only will choosing the right rehab program make you feel comfortable, but it will increase your chances of success in recovery.

The Purpose Of Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse rehabilitation is designed to help people overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs. Medical and psychological professionals are available to monitor withdrawal symptoms, keep track of progress, and administer further treatment. During rehab, people with substance abuse issues get the tools they need to get sober and to stay on the path of recovery for good.  

You’ve Decided to Go to Rehab…Now What?

If you’ve made the choice to go to rehab, the next step is to find the right facility and program. To do that, start by figuring out what your goals and needs are when it comes to treatment. Once you know what your standards are, you can select a place that fits those guidelines.

After you determine what you want out of a program, start looking up facilities online. Make a list of the centers that are either in your area or in a place that you would be willing to travel to. Then, contact the rehabs on your list and ask them questions about what they could offer.

What to Ask Treatment Programs Before Enrolling

Before selecting a rehab program, make sure that you ask the staff every question you have about the center’s treatment options, staff, amenities, and resources. If you know enough about a facility or program before you enroll, you will likely feel more at-ease and trust the process more. Here are some questions that you may want to ask before choosing a rehab facility:
  • Does this rehab treat co-occurring disorders?
  • Are there specialty programs for members of the LGBTQIA+ community?
  • What levels of care do they provide? (inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient)
  • Which treatment methods do programs at the facility offer?
  • Do they offer educational or vocational/career assistance?
  • What is the general nature of the staff members?
  • Are there doctors on staff to monitor medical conditions?
  • How long are the programs at this rehab center?
  • What is the cost of treatment? Is it covered by insurance?
  • Are there payment plans or financial aid options available?
  • What amenities does the facility offer? (chefs, a gym, massages)
  • Does the facility offer relapse prevention services or aftercare planning?
After you ask all of your questions, the decision is completely up to you. You should be basing your decision on the factors that are most essential for your recovery. Remember to keep your preferences, your home life, your career, and how serious your substance abuse issue is in mind as well when selecting a rehab facility.

Choosing the Right Treatment Center For You

Ultimately, the only way to choose the best treatment center for you is to trust your judgment. What did you think when you visited the rehab’s website? How did you feel when you talked to a staff member? Use these gut feelings to help you determine which facility is the best choice.

At Silver Pines Treatment Center we offer substance abuse treatment to individuals in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Schuylkill County, Lancaster County, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. If you have questions about any or our services or offerings, feel free to contact our team at any time by calling us at 844.264.7043.


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