Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Pennsylvania

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Insurance Pennsylvania

What’s keeping you from getting the recovery help you need? For many, it’s a matter of paying for rehab. However, if you have Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Pennsylvania offers, you’re in luck. This company works with the Silver Pines Treatment Center as an in-network provider.
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Pennsylvania

Whom Does the Insurer Serve?

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Pennsylvania serves about 4.9 million clients, according to EC Health Insurance. The company offers a broad range of plans that benefit every type of subscriber. However, differentiate the policies by their coverage options and co-payment choices. Moreover, you can find some that feature very generous upfront benefits.

What Does the In-Network Designation Mean for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Pennsylvania?

In fact, each policy under this plan has different terms. In the past, many clients of rehab centers had to visit the facilities as out-of-network caregivers. This meant a significant reduction of benefit payments. Although the insurer would cover some of the costs of addiction treatment programs, the copays were higher.
Now, the company decided to designate Silver Pines Treatment Center as an in-network facility. Depending on the plan that you have, it means more generous benefits and lower copays. Furthermore, it also means that co-insurance expenses may be less. Your plan benefit documentation will spell out the details.

Why Does This Designation Matter?

You now have additional options when it comes to getting treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. Rather than selecting a facility that maybe you weren’t too keen on visiting, you can now make a different choice. If you receive care from a different facility that doesn’t meet your needs, you don’t have to go back. The designation also saves you money that you can invest in your recovery.
For example, rather than trying to white-knuckle it through withdrawal, you might now decide to undergo medical detox. Specifically, the benefits of this decision are plentiful. For starters, you reduce the chances of an almost immediate relapse. Secondly, you protect your physiological safety.
You also don’t have to deal with the pain that comes with many types of withdrawal. In medical detox, pharmacological support eliminates the pain. Moreover, it also eases the minor discomforts. Finally, it gives you a leg up when it comes to cravings control.

Which Treatments Does Insurance Cover?

Depending on your policy, the insurer will cover evidence-based addiction treatments. These are modalities that have proven track records of helping people stop a drug habit. For example, these modalities include:
Immersing yourself in this therapeutic environment offers you an excellent opportunity for regaining your sobriety. In fact, none of the treatments are generic in their approach. Instead, your therapist will customize your healing experience. The goal is to meet you where you’re at and help you achieve the personal growth you desire.

Sign up for Treatment Today

There are now no more reasons for putting off treatment. As a Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Pennsylvania client, you’re in a good position to get help. The intake specialists at Silver Pines Treatment Center can complete an insurance verification for you. Call 267.719.8689 now to start the process.

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