Cocaine Detox Hazleton PA Trusts

Cocaine Detox Hazleton PA Trusts

How long does it take to withdraw from cocaine? At the cocaine detox Hazleton PA locals trust, you receive a custom treatment protocol. However, what does this mean? What happens after you finish the detoxification process?
Cocaine Detox Hazleton PA residents trust

Understand the Potential for Withdrawal Symptoms

The onset, severity, and duration of withdrawal symptoms depend on your cocaine abuse patterns. Therefore, someone who’s been using the drug for a long time or at higher quantities will have more severe symptoms. Other factors include your overall health and secondary drug use. Moreover, case in point is a co-occurring abuse pattern involving alcohol.

At the cocaine detox Hazleton PA residents talk about, you work with professional addiction treatment specialists. They customize your treatment based on the information you provide. Furthermore, they make adjustments when withdrawal symptoms occur. Examples include extreme fatigue, vivid nightmares, a voracious appetite, muscle spasms, and nerve pain.

You’ll probably notice the first pangs of withdrawal a couple of hours after your last dose. However, they get progressively worse for about two to three days. After that, they taper off rapidly and should be almost gone by day eight. However, the cravings will stick with you a lot longer.

Transition to Rehab after Cocaine Detox Hazleton PA Can Count On

Whenever possible, it’s safest to withdraw from cocaine with medical supervision and drug detox. If necessary, medical experts might administer buprenorphine or naltrexone to ease the process and minimize cravings. After all, you only want to have to do this once. Therefore, a detox facility is your best bet.
That said, you aren’t done once you break the physiological dependency. Many detox-only venues will tell you that you’re now ready to return home. However, that’s typically not the case. In fact, now is the time to address your reasons for developing an addiction to cocaine in the first place.
At rehab, you learn about triggers and stressors. You find out what causes an almost reflex reaction to reach for a stimulant. Moreover, you have the opportunity to make changes to your behaviors. Once again, custom and unique therapy is a key component.
For example, modalities might include:

Participate in Family Therapy

Many high-quality addiction treatment programs offer family therapy. Only the best make it a focal point of the therapeutic atmosphere.
These individuals suffer because of your cocaine abuse. At the same time, they care about you. Therefore, family therapy reopens avenues of communication. It restructures relationship dynamics, roles, and boundaries.
In the process, your loved ones learn how to support your goal of sobriety. They understand what it means to help rather than enable you. They also heal by being able to interact with an addiction counselor. In this way, family therapy is one of your strongest relapse prevention tools.

Don’t Wait to Get Help Today

Don’t you owe it to yourself to quit using cocaine today? The cocaine detox Hazleton PA trusts is an excellent place to start. In fact, Silver Pines Treatment Center assists you with your detoxification and rehab needs. Call 267.209.7313 right now to schedule an intake interview.
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