Drug Rehab in Pittsburgh

Drug Rehab in Pittsburgh

All over the United States, drug use continues to grow. Experts blame the increase on several factors. For example, many drugs are easier for people of all ages to get their hands on inexpensively. Because of the rise in drug availability, more people want reliable rehab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Finding Rehab in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania. Like other large cities in the United States, it’s a hotbed for illegal drug use. Thankfully, there are a number of rehab centers throughout the city.

Despite the number of facilities, many of them fill up quickly because of the sheer number of people who need help. Additionally, they’re within city limits, which means that the temptation for drugs is still present.

For many people, seeking rehab in Pittsburgh isn’t the best option. Instead, it’s better to seek rehab in other areas such as Mahanoy City, which is still within Pennsylvania. People still have access to all the great rehab treatment programs that large cities such as Pittsburgh offer.

Rehab Treatment Options in Pittsburgh

People often seek rehab in Pittsburgh because of the wide range of treatment options available. Pittsburgh is a big city, which means that there are many clinics to choose from in and around it. Many of these clinics are forward thinking in their approach.

Addiction treatment centers in the Pittsburgh area put a lot of focus on using rehab therapy to treat addiction. In many cases, they offer an array of methods, including:

Each of these different therapies has its uses. However, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a popular technique that rehab centers use all over the United States. It’s popular because of its effectiveness and quick results.

During CBT, therapists work with clients to identify negative thoughts, behaviors and feelings. Studies show that negative behaviors can trigger drug use. The goal is to replace them with positive thinking, actions and emotions. Clients can also rebuild respect and for themselves and self-confidence.

Family therapy, however, is just as important. During sessions, therapists get a chance to interact with members of the client’s family. Doing so gives them insight into any problems in the household that can lead to drug use. They also use family therapy as a way to teach family members about addiction.

Benefits of Rehab Centers That Offer Detox Services

Transferring between detox and rehab centers is time-consuming and stressful for people. It’s best to look for rehab centers that also offer in-house detox services. Detoxing first lowers people’s chances of falling victim to relapse.

Because of space limitations, however, many Pittsburgh rehab centers are unable to offer detox. Thankfully, rehab centers outside of Pittsburgh city limits can offer detox services. Visiting them prevents people from having to move around so much during rehab.

Let Silver Pines Treatment Center Lead You Down the Path to Recovery

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we aim to provide quality care and services. Our clinic is in Mahanoy City, which is the perfect location for people who want treatment near Pittsburgh. We provide all of the services that you expect to find in a relaxed atmosphere.

All of our treatment services help you overcome your addiction quickly. Some of these include:

We also offer holistic treatment options to help keep stress to a minimum. Relieving stress improves the healing process. Some of our options include yoga and gardening.

Don’t fight your addiction alone. Let Silver Pines Treatment Center guide you down the path to recovery. Reach out to us today at 267.209.7313 for more information about Silver Pines Treatment Center.

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