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United Auto Workers Union Addiction Treatment Center

United Auto Workers Union
Addiction Treatment Center

Is stress causing you to abuse drugs or alcohol? At our United Auto Workers Union addiction treatment center, you can develop healthy coping skills. Most importantly, you receive the care you need to return to work and be productive. Here’s how Silver Pines Treatment Center therapists assist people just like you.

How Stress and Chemical Dependency Connect

As a union members addiction treatment center, we routinely work with people who’re suffering from burnout. You’re putting in long hours to make money. Maybe ends are not meeting the way that they should. Additionally, there are stressors such as grief, loss, or recent changes in the workplace.

The body releases stress hormones that make you feel on edge. When you feel like that for a while, you look for ways to numb yourself. You want to shut off this feeling of always being under stress. Some people use alcohol to take the edge off.

Others might abuse opioids. Because everyone has a different stress threshold, it might not take much to put you in this position. Abusing the substance works so well that you turn to it frequently. Eventually, you develop a chemical dependency.

Why Choose the United Auto Workers Union Addiction Treatment Center?

You need to get away from stressors. Silver Pines Treatment Center is the ideal getaway. With its home-like look and feel, it seems more of a vacation spot than a rehab center. Most importantly, the nearby woods are quiet, peaceful, and eliminate the sounds of the city.

Inside, you work with professionals who understand that you’re dealing with stress. As part of your job, or maybe because of your personal life, you feel like it’s overwhelming you. Therapists have had plenty of practice working with clients just like you. Similarly, they help you feel good about seeking treatment.

Sure, you might feel guilty for leaving your workplace. However, now is the time to take care of yourself first. Your job will still be there when you return. As the local United Auto Workers Union addiction treatment center, we can provide you with the necessary documentation.

Contemporary, Evidence-Based Treatments for Modern Professional Clients

Evidence-based modalities are at the heart of our Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on using healthy coping skills to overcome dysfunctional patterns
  • Relationship counseling as a way for you to rebuild crumbling interpersonal partnerships
  • Life skills training that encourages you to respond in healthy ways to peer pressure and relapse triggers
  • Addiction education that shows you in detail how stress and chemical dependency connect

Paying for Rehab

Union members have access to excellent health benefits at our United Auto Workers Union addiction treatment center. Even so, the last thing that you want to do right now is to spend time on the phone with insurers. We can help. Our intake specialist handles insurance verification.

You’ll know ahead of time what the company pays for and how much you need to spend as a co-payment. Therefore, you can easily budget for your stay. Most importantly, you know that this investment in your health and long-term sobriety is well worth it. After all, you’ll have a whole new life to look forward to!

Enroll in the Addiction Treatment Program Today

Our United Auto Workers Union addiction treatment center is available around the clock to answer your call. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and help you make the move into rehab. Contact Silver Pines Treatment Center today to reserve your space. Call 267.719.8689 now to learn more.

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