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Teamster Union Addiction Treatment Center

Teamster Union Addiction
Treatment Center

Silver Pines Treatment Center is a Teamster Union addiction treatment center. Therapists here recognize the importance for professionals to get back on track. Most importantly, they know how to handle sensitive situations such as substance abuse. Here’s what you need to know as a member of the Teamsters today.

Professionals in Need of Help Turn to Experts in the Field of Addiction Recovery

As a union members addiction treatment center, we know that confidentiality is essential for you. You don’t want the employer to see that you’re receiving substance abuse treatment. Similarly, you don’t want coworkers to know, either. Our team members protect your information and don’t share it with outsiders.
Similarly, we routinely work with professionals in sensitive professions. A drug habit could destroy your career. However, you don’t have to let things get to that point. When you’re ready to overcome chemical dependency, our experts want to assist you.

Rehab for Union Professionals

As a Teamster Union addiction treatment center, we work with warehouse workers, public defenders, airline pilots, and others. There are many backgrounds. Therefore, your rehab experience must be unique to your needs. We begin with an assessment.

During this meeting, we learn about your substance abuse. In a friendly atmosphere, you share information about the drugs you’re currently using. It’s not unusual to use more than one. Similarly, you might have noticed that you tend to abuse a substance more frequently in certain circumstances.

Customizing Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs with your unique stressors and triggers in mind is essential for success. Doing so makes the modalities relevant to your life. Therefore, you’re more likely to invest yourself in them. Examples at our Teamster Union addiction treatment center include:

  • Psychotherapy that seeks to understand why you started substance abuse in the first place
  • Dialectical behavior therapy, which boosts control over emotions
  • Talk therapy in a private setting that lets you share what’s on your mind with a therapist
  • Life skills training that includes structuring of your day with an eye on professional productivity

How Group Therapy Helps Professionals Overcome Substance Abuse

Another modality you undergo at the Teamster Union addiction treatment center is group therapy. The group setting provides positive peer pressure. Sometimes, you need this push because a peer group can be egging you on to abuse a substance. Besides that, it encourages peer accountability, which becomes essential during aftercare.

Group meetings give you a chance to overcome feelings of isolation. For many professionals, drug abuse tends to isolate them. It takes a little while to feel comfortable again with interacting with others. You can speed up this process by working with a group now.

Similarly, groups provide the backdrop for success at our Teamster Union addiction treatment center. The facilitator works with participants to learn, discuss, and work out difficult situations. Some group meetings include role-playing. Not everyone’s comfortable with participating right away.

Some just want to offer their perspectives. There’s a little something for everyone in a group setting. You don’t have to be a social butterfly to feel comfortable in this treatment. That said, there’s a good chance that you’ll develop some new social skills as you do participate.

Teamster Union Addiction Treatment Center in PA

Don’t feel like there’s no way you can overcome the chemical dependency you’re struggling with right now. Similarly, don’t let worries about your professional life hold you back. Silver Pines Treatment Center is the local Teamster Union addiction treatment center. Call 267.719.8689 today to set up an appointment with an intake specialist.

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