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Recognizing Substance Use Disorder

Recognizing Substance Use

Dealing with drug or alcohol abuse is a complicated situation with far-reaching effects. However, the first step in gaining help for this problem is to educate yourself. The following information will properly define a substance use disorder. Additionally, it will discuss ways you can support a loved one through the healing process.
substance use disorder

Defining a Substance Use Disorder

A substance use disorder describes the recurrent use of alcohol or drugs in a manner that causes detrimental effects on the person using these substances. In fact, problems that result from this condition can include health conditions, job loss, failure to meet obligations, and many more. However, adequate addiction treatment services are readily available if a person is able to notice the signs of a problem.

Signs of a Substance Use Disorder

What are the most common signs of a substance use disorder? For example, the list below touches on some of the basic clues to let you know a problem may exist.

Neglect of Important Responsibilities

A person who is abusing addictive substances may begin falling short of meeting their work or family obligations. Receiving failing grades in school, failing to show up for work, or not taking proper care of minor children can indicate a serious issue.

Engaging in High-Risk Behavior

Many people who are abusing addictive substances engage in high-risk behaviors. For example, these actions include driving under the influence, risky sexual behavior, or theft. Moreover, it’s not unusual for these individuals to get into legal trouble.

Experiencing Personality Changes

Drug abuse can cause major changes in an individual’s personality. They may suddenly display intense anger, mood swings, aggression, or anxiety. Personality changes may be the direct result of the addictive substance in use. However, these changes also sometimes result from co-existing mental illnesses.

Developing a Tolerance to an Addictive Substance

Someone who continues to abuse a substance for a period of time can develop a tolerance. This means their body will adjust to the effects the substance creates, requiring them to consume more in the future. Furthermore, tolerance often leads to a full-blown addiction to the substance in question.

Seeking Quality Rehab Treatment

How can you be sure you’re seeking addiction treatment programs at a reliable center? For starters, check the center’s success rate. Those who utilize effective treatment methods will have a high rate of success in helping people ward off future relapses. Treatment centers that use a holistic, mind-body approach may also provide more successful long-term results.

Silver Pines Treatment Center is a high-quality rehab facility in Hazelton, PA. By providing a holistic approach, Silver Pines can adequately provide for the needs of each individual.

In fact, you don’t have to suffer alone from the consequences of addiction. You can overcome this serious problem with the help of a treatment center that cares about your success. Contact Silver Pines Treatment Center today at 267.719.8689 to find out how we can help you start to heal.

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