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Holistic Treatment Approach to Addiction Recovery

Holistic Treatment Approach to
Addiction Recovery

Treating any addiction involves evidence-based therapies and medical supervision. However, true recovery is about more than just the physical aspect. A comprehensive, holistic treatment approach to addiction recovery often delivers better results. This involves the body, spirit, and mind, and it helps patients feel fulfilled, as well as sober.

Food as a Tool for Recovery

During addiction treatment and recovery, there is a big emphasis on what patients can’t put into their bodies. While this is critical, many treatment centers overlook what should go into the bodies of patients. Healthy, nutritious food and hydration can go a long way in improving health and promoting wellness overall, that’s why we promote nutrition education as a part of our holistic treatment approach during recovery.

Coming out of a struggle with addiction, many patients will be malnourished. Some individuals will have weight problems. Rapidly gaining weight or rapidly losing weight are two concerns in rehab and beyond.

With this in mind, food can become a useful tool. It can help patients ingest nutrients without the need for expensive supplements. It can help stabilize weight, and it can be a way to prepare for life after residential care.

The best treatment centers will understand the role that food can have on health. Having a nutritionist on hand can ensure that patients are eating well and learning how to provide for themselves in the future.

A Holistic Treatment Approach Includes the Mind and Spirit

Spiritual development often plays a role in addiction recovery. A holistic approach may involve pharmacological treatment, psychotherapy, individual counseling or trauma therapy. However, it should also help patients find greater mental and spiritual meaning in life.
Meditation might be one way for patients to feel more mindful and connected to the world. Yoga is another popular option. Some patients can benefit from organized religion, but others prefer to focus on their overall spiritual development.

Physical Fitness in Recovery

Fitness and exercise programs aren’t just amenities. In the holistic treatment approach to addiction, they can also be valuable therapies. Exercise is an important part of overall health and learning to embrace it can be a key benefit of treatment.

There are countless ways that patients can exercise. Ultimately, every patient should find an activity that they personally enjoy. That might be hiking, lifting weights at the gym or taking a yoga class. Each of these activities creates endorphins, boosts mood and aids in recovery.

The Benefit of Outdoor Activities

Mood disorders are common during addiction recovery. One great way to boost your mood and reduce the risk of depression is Vitamin D. Regular time spent outside in the sunshine can be incredibly effective. Things like gardening or just taking a morning walk may be a great tool in the fight toward lasting, successful recovery.

A holistic treatment approach to addiction recovery takes the entire patient into account. At Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, you can begin a comprehensive treatment plan to combat addiction for good. Call 267.719.8689 to start living the life you deserve.

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