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Aromatherapy During Addiction Recovery

Aromatherapy During Addiction

When you’re trying to overcome addiction, it’s important to realize that there are many tools you can use. One of the great things about recovery is there isn’t one right way to do it, and addiction treatment gives you options. Therefore, by learning more ways to stay clean, you can turn to different methods when you’re struggling in sobriety. Something that can help you greatly with your recovery from alcohol or drugs is aromatherapy.
How is aromatherapy beneficial during rehab?

Aromatherapy Benefits for Addiction

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic therapy, which is a type of therapy that doesn’t involve medications. Moreover, it’s important to have the option of holistic methods because some people don’t want to take medications in sobriety. You can use this form of therapy through topical application and the inhalation of essential oils. This helps because there is a strong connection from the nose to the brain, and it can help with many addictions including addictions to:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription drugs
The aromas that are used help by going through molecules that reach the limbic system. Specifically, the limbic system is the emotional center of the brain, so this is extremely beneficial. Typically, when you think about your triggers, many of them are driven by powerful emotions. With the help of this type of therapy, you can learn healthier ways to calm down when you’re having a rough day.

Aromatherapy for Anxiety

The leading cause of addiction is when a person has an underlying mental illness, and anxiety is extremely common. Furthermore, anxiety happens because the limbic system is out of control and giving you intense worries and fears. While sometimes it’s beneficial to worry, it can become unmanageable, and this may have led to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. By using different forms of this therapy, you’ll learn a much better way to deal with your anxiety.
Many scientific studies prove that certain aromas help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. However, aromatherapy also assists with calming your breathing, improving your memory, decreasing stress, and balancing your hormones. As you continue to do this therapy, you’ll begin to realize that you don’t need to drink or use to manage your anxiety. The great thing is that you can use these various aromas wherever you go to calm down.

Additional Therapy

This is only one form of addiction therapy, but while you’re in treatment, you’ll also experience individual and group therapy. In fact, individual therapy is a must because you have the opportunity to work with an addiction therapist. This will help you get down to the sources of your addiction and develop an action plan for managing life once you discharge. Group therapy helps you by giving you the support you need because it’s difficult to recover on your own. By being with others who are trying to stay clean, you’ll no longer feel alone, and you’ll build strong connections with others.
Silver Pines Treatment Center is here to help you regain control of your life by overcoming your addiction for good. In addition, we’re a full-service treatment facility that offers detox and residential services. Silver Pines is also a dual diagnosis treatment center, so we specialize in treating those who are struggling with a mental illness and an addiction. For example, aside from aromatherapy, some of the other treatments we offer include:
If you’re ready to begin your new life free from addiction, call us today at 267.719.8689. Aromatherapy can help ease your mind during the process.
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