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Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and Signs

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms
and Signs

When people try to quit using, they may experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Because marijuana is legal in several states, more people are using this drug than ever before. Unfortunately, those individuals may go through uncomfortable side effects when they try to quit.

What Happens When Someone Quits Using Marijuana?

In one study, researchers looked at almost 500 smokers who tried to quit. A third of the individuals started using again to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Roughly 42 percent of the individuals had one or more marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Over time, the mind develops a dependence on marijuana. It develops a need to have the drug present to feel normal. When someone tries to quit, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are often worse in heavy users or individuals who have used for a long time.

What Are the Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?

Some of the most common marijuana withdrawal symptoms are anxiety and irritability. The individual may feel restless or find it hard to sleep at night. They may also feel unusually tired during the day.

Physically, the individual may suffer from chills, a fever, headaches or stomach pain. They may suffer from a reduced appetite and start losing weight. Some people may experience extreme sweating, shakiness or depression as they go through detox. They may suffer from unusually bad dreams, aggression, nervousness or problems concentrating.

What Are the Treatment Options?

At the moment, there are no approved medications for treating marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Instead, treatment generally uses a combination of other strategies. Therefore, a marijuana addiction rehab program is your best option.
During rehab, patients can get help through options like cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. Motivational enhancement therapy can help patients find the motivation to stop using and focus on their recovery. Coping skills, group therapy, relapse prevention, and contingency management can help patients stay sober. A strong social support network can also help patients abstain and stay positive.

Finding the Right Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms Help

In the right treatment program, clients can get help as they go through withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, many clients benefit from having a combination of a residential program and a detox program. In a residential program, the client remains at the treatment center for an intensive program.

Many of the best programs use a holistic approach that treats the person instead of just the addiction. These structured programs offer a home-like atmosphere and a natural setting. Clients get the right support through fellow patients, therapists, and addiction specialists.

Some of the best rehab programs include options such as:

If you are suffering from marijuana withdrawal symptoms, help is available. You do not have to let addiction take control of your life. Through the right rehab program, you can take the first step toward a healthier, happier lifestyle. To begin your sobriety, call the Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.719.8689 today.

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