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What Are Synthetic Drugs?

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Synthetic drugs are growing in popularity around the nation. However, what are synthetic drugs, and what kind of dangers do they pose? People shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that they’re safe. Knowing the answers to these questions can protect them from deadly designer drugs.

Specifically What Are Synthetic Drugs?Specifically, what are synthetic drugs and how can you overcome an addiction to these substances?

Basically, designer drugs contain man-made chemicals. Other drugs such as cocaine and weed typically come from natural sources. Many designer drugs are on the street, including:

  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Meth
  • Synthetic marijuana or spice
  • Bath salts

What Are the Dangers of Using Synthetic Drugs?

In most cases, synthetic drugs are more dangerous than natural drugs. They’re highly addictive and have no kind of quality control. In fact, the lack of quality control is what makes them so dangerous.

When people buy designer drugs, they don’t actually know what they’re buying. In many cases, the drugs contain harmful chemicals. To make matters worse, each drug varies in strength. Sometimes they’re too strong and lead to overdose after a single use.

Why Do People Buy Designer Drugs?

What are synthetic drugs purpose in recreational use? The main reason why people buy synthetic drugs is because they’re cheaper than natural drugs. Also, dealers get away with legally selling them most of the time. Gas stations and locally owned stores around the nation, for example, sell synthetic drugs.

However, if designer drugs are so dangerous, how can people sell them legally? The reason is because they sell them with the warning “not for human consumption.” In addition, they could label the drugs as plant food or fertilizer.

The U.S. government tries to regulate these drugs, but it’s difficult. To make the drugs illegal, lawmakers have to ban the chemicals that people use to make them. The only problem is that the makers constantly change the chemicals that they use. This factor makes it difficult to keep designer drugs out of shops.

Fight Back Against Synthetic Drugs

Specifically, what are synthetic drugs and how can you overcome an addiction to these substances? Don’t let synthetic drug addiction lead you down the path to ruin. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we help people just like you overcome all kinds of drug addictions. We work closely with you to ensure that you receive proper treatment. Some of the different programs that we offer include:

Don’t let man-made drugs lead you down the road to addiction or continue to damage your life. Learn more about what are synthetic drugs. We can help if you call 267.719.8689 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

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