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A Guide to Polysubstance Abuse

What Is Polysubstance Abuse? If someone is a polysubstance drug user, it means that they take more than one drug at once. Polysubstance abuse, however,

A Guide to Recreational Drugs

What Are Considered ‘Recreational Drugs?’   What Are Recreational Drugs? Merriam-Webster defines a recreational drug as “a drug (such as cocaine, marijuana, or methamphetamine) used

Drug Dependence vs Drug Addiction

When you’re trying to educate yourself about drug addiction, the terminology you come across may be confusing. One common question people have is what the

Schedule 5 Drugs [Infographic]

The United States Drug Enforcement Agency has a classification system for all drugs. These five schedules start with schedule 1 drugs, which have the highest

3 Common Addictive Substances

People throughout the United States use a variety of addictive substances. Some substances are more common than others, though. If you or a loved one

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