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With all the variety of drugs that are on the streets today, it may be difficult to keep them all straight. Two drugs that are not as popular now as they were decades ago but that you still may come across are PCP and LSD. Both of these drugs are dangerous, illegal drugs that used to have some legal usage many years ago, but after discovering their dangerous effects, authorities classified them illegal. They were no longer useful for human consumption. This, however, did not stop people from obtaining them on the streets. What are the differences between PCP vs LSD? Let’s take a look at each drug.

What is PCP?

PCP is Phencyclidine, which is a hallucinogen. Physicians marketed the PCP in the 1950s to help with surgical procedures. Physicians used the drug as an anesthetic until it was discovered that people were having some undesirable and dangerous side effects such as hallucinations, aggression, and mania. It was discontinued after that because physicians feared patients could become violent. In addition, the medication does have a risk of accidental death and bizarre psychotic behavior.

When someone does PCP for a while, they will experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop. Therefore, a PCP addiction rehab program Mahanoy City PA is necessary if this occurs.

What is LSD?

LSD is Lysergic acid diethylamide. Back in the 1930s, this drug was used to treat respiratory depression, then in the following years it was used as an anesthetic, and by the 1960s it was used for recreational purposes. The chemist who created the drug was the one who discovered it caused hallucinations, but it was not banned until 1967. Now it is a Schedule I drug with no acceptable medical use.


Both PCP and LSD alter the senses. They can make things look, sound, and feel differently when taking it. Short term effects of these drugs are similar but long-term effects are slightly different. LSD can trigger or induce a state of psychosis or schizophrenia in people who may be at risk. In addition, people who take LSD may experience flashbacks after taking only one dose.

The long-term effects for people who take PCP are potential stuttering or speech difficulties, cognitive problems with reasoning or memory, and flashbacks. These effects may last as long as one year.

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Don’t let addiction control your life. Now that you know understand the difference between PCP vs LSD, reach out to a high-quality treatment facility for help. Contact us at [Direct], and we’ll get you on the road to a better life.

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