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How Addiction Education is the First Line of Defense

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There are many myths about drug and alcohol addiction. The more someone believes these myths, the higher the chance he may fall into substance abuse and dependency. However, the better educated we are about addiction, the better choices we can make. Learn how addiction education is the first line of defense against drug and alcohol abuse.

Learn How Addiction Education is the First Line of DefenseLearn how addiction education is the first line of defense.

Experimenting with drugs and alcohol is something a lot of people do, usually in their younger years. For example, they might give in to peer pressure to drink, in efforts to fit in. While a lot of them grow out of this phase, too many of them continue using, increasing their risk of developing an addiction.

If you don’t know how addiction education is the first line of defense, you might believe that occasional use — of even the most destructive substances, such as heroin or meth — aren’t really that dangerous.

To better understand how addiction education is the first line of defense, consider common myths about drug and alcohol abuse:

  • I can stop using anytime I want because I have enough willpower
  • Occasionally using drugs is harmless
  • All I need is detox and then I’m clean
  • My addiction only affects me
  • I don’t need rehab to get clean

It’s not a lack of willpower that causes people to continue using. Many times, they really want to stop. Addiction has a powerful hold on them, however, making it nearly impossible to quit without effective treatment.

Addiction education benefits more than just users. It’s also beneficial for loved ones, as it helps them understand the nature of the problem and how they can help someone they care about.

Healing From Addiction

The more you know about addiction, the better you’ll be able to overcome it. Complete addiction help educates you not only on why you chose to use, but it gives you the skills and resources to avoid using in the future.

In rehab, you’ll uncover the root causes of your substance abuse. You’ll work together with skilled professionals who will help you identify your unique stressors and triggers. Therefore, with their assistance, you’ll gain the necessary tools to manage negative thoughts and feelings. Once you have productive coping mechanisms for stressful times, you’ll see you don’t need drugs and alcohol. This is how addiction education is the first line of defense.

A Healthier, Happier Future Is Waiting

Get the drug and alcohol addiction treatment you need in a comfortable, homelike environment. In fact, Silver Pines Treatment Center is a rehab facility in a natural setting near Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

For example, the treatment programs we offer include:

Structured days and an integrated approach to your care set us apart. If you’re ready to experience a better future, reach out to our friendly team. We’ll start you on the path to lasting recovery. Call today at 267.719.8689 to learn how addiction education is the first line of defense.

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