What is the Cost of Rehab?

What stands between your current reality and a life of long-term recovery is quality treatment. However, you worry about the cost of rehab. Can you afford to pay for your care?

Putting a Price Tag on Recovery?

Don’t let the worry about paying for rehab keep you from getting the help you need. It’s true that the cost of rehab isn’t cheap. However, it’s just as accurate that there are many different ways of paying for it. Health insurance is one option.

Did you know that healthcare legislation requires insurers to treat addiction in the same way as other diseases? Most good-quality facilities work with insurers such as Aetna, Magellan, and Blue Cross. An admissions representative helps you understand the benefits under your individual policy.

What Goes into the Cost of Rehab?

Detoxification is the medical treatment that comes before the clinical care of rehab. You withdraw from the drug or alcohol you’re using. You do so under medical supervision on an inpatient basis. Therefore, you typically succeed in breaking the dependency in about a week.

The process is pain-free and safe. This treatment adds to the cost of rehab care. Next, there’s rehab itself. It lets you overcome the psychological part of the chemical dependency. At a private venue, you enjoy a home-like atmosphere.

For example, possible treatments include:

  • Behavioral counseling that helps you develop healthy coping mechanisms for trigger situations
  • Trauma therapy that lets you process an adverse event from the past
  • Group therapy as a way to socialize, learn from others, and accept peer feedback
  • Nutritional counseling for a healthier lifestyle after program graduation
  • Holistic wellness options that allow mind, body, and spirit to heal

Why Not Go to a Hospital or Skip Detox?

Many people think along these lines to cut the cost of rehab. However, these aren’t the best options for everyone. For starters, detoxification is a necessity. You can’t begin rehab without being drug-free.

A cold-turkey approach can be dangerous. Cases in point are alcohol and opioid use disorders. Most importantly, the at-home detox attempt typically fails as pain, discomfort, and trigger situations mount.

Hospitals are generally in densely populated areas. There’s little opportunity for relaxation. Considering that stress is a significant contributor to substance abuse, the hospital, therefore, isn’t always a good option. Also, consider that most private facilities have a cap on the number of participants.

It allows them to provide you with plenty of one-on-one therapist attention. In contrast, a hospital’s resources don’t have this luxury. Therefore, you may not receive the individualized care you need to break the habit.

Learn more about paying for the cost of rehab. Contact the friendly intake specialists at the Silver Pines Treatment Center today. Dial 866-345-2147 now.

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