Addiction Treatment for DUI

Driving under the influence is very preventable. If you received a DUI, you may need treatment help. Maybe the court orders you to enter rehab or go to jail. No matter why you’re thinking about rehab, here’s what you need to know about addiction treatment for DUI.

Do You Really Need Rehab?

It probably wasn’t your first time driving under the influence. Maybe it’s not even your first DUI. Almost all people in your position believe that they can handle things themselves. However, that’s not the case.

Alcohol abuse is a disease that responds well to treatment. It’s not something that you can quit when you feel like it. If you could do that, you’d already have done so. Certainly, you wouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel after drinking.

Rehab is the safest and fastest way of overcoming an alcohol use disorder. You work with professionals who know what might be behind a drinking problem. They’ll customize a program for you that helps. Best of all, there’s no judgment.

Entering Addiction Treatment for DUI

You start with detoxification. Medication-assisted treatment enables you to quit drinking without pain and intense cravings. Most importantly, medical professionals are on standby if you encounter problems. They’ll step in right away if there’s a need to do so.

Next, you transition to rehab. There, you work out what caused you to drink. From there, you develop new coping skills that help you stay sober. Treatments include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants with co-occurring psychological illnesses
  • Trauma therapy that enables you to process a pivotal event that’s contributing to your stress level
  • Group therapy as a way to build social skills while interacting with peers
  • Talk therapy that encourages long-term goal-setting, introspection, and coping skills development

Most courts will provide you with alcohol addiction treatment resources. Many addiction treatment for DUI clinics have an impersonal look and feel. Similarly, they’re usually in the inner city. Besides that, they typically have a high patient-to-therapist ratio.

Images of these types of facilities might be deterring you from entering rehab. That said, consider that you can choose your own facility. Consider one with a home-like feel that is in a quiet, secluded area. It’ll feel more like a getaway than a clinic stay.

Besides that, it’s a lot easier to overcome stressors in a serene setting. When don’t have to compete with a large number of peers for the attention of a therapist, you’ll do better. Staff members can meet your needs more quickly. Similarly, they get to know you and understand you better.

Prevent Driving Under the Influence

You don’t have to wait for court-ordered addiction treatment for DUI to get help. The Silver Pines Treatment Center routinely works with good people just like you who need a little help. They’ll start you with detox and take you all the way through rehab. Call 866-345-2147 to schedule your appointment.

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