Acid & Its Impact On Sleep

Acid is the slang name for a drug called lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD. This hallucinogen is usually in tab form and is typically used at parties or club-like settings for social purposes. Hallucinogens, especially acid, can be very unpredictable. You will never necessarily know what an acid trip will feel like — it could be very enjoyable, or extremely unsettling. While not knowing what will happen next may be exciting for some people, it can be overwhelming and uncomfortable for others. Some people who have used acid have only seen benefits, while others have had unpleasant and even dangerous experiences with it.


What Happens When You Use LSD

The effects of LSD typically kick in 20 to 90 minutes after using the drug. It is known to change thought processes, cause visual and/or sensory distortions, and bring on intense emotions such as euphoria. Visual distortions may include seeing brighter colors, unusual patterns, changing shapes, and trails behind objects. In positive cases, acid can be highly enjoyable, help you gain new or surprising insights, bring a sense of euphoria, and increase spiritual awareness. In other cases, however, the experience of an acid trip is not nearly as positive.

For starters, acid can cause extreme paranoia and hallucinations. It can also result in increased heart rate and body temperature as well as excessive sweating. Hyperthermia and dehydration are among more serious side effects of taking LSD that require immediate medical attention. Consecutive use or abuse may lead to psychological addiction, psychosis, depression, flashbacks, and insomnia.


Does Acid Keep You Awake?

Acid trips can last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, but they can feel much longer due to distortions in time perception. Even though the side effects of LSD can be exhausting, the drug makes it very hard for you to fall asleep. Seeing as insomnia is a common side effect, those who take acid are likely to be awake for a long time. If someone takes acid in the morning, they will likely feel extremely energetic throughout the day and will be alert until late at night. If they take it in the evening, they will probably be up all night and well into the next day. This drug can definitely keep you awake for a long period of time, so it’s encouraged to try to get some sleep as soon as your body feels able. Your body will likely return to normal in about 24 hours.


Treatment For LSD Abuse

Persistent insomnia can be a legitimate health concern, among others that acid can cause. In addition to insomnia, acid abuse may lead to dangerously high blood pressure and kidney damage.

People who take acid don’t usually take it for an extended period of time. However, they may mix it with other party drugs, which can rapidly cause addiction. Additionally, those who take acid regularly will quickly develop a tolerance to the drug. Those who take acid during adolescence are more likely to have an addiction issue down the line.

If you or someone you love has used acid and has developed a dependence on the drug, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention. Some form of rehabilitation or treatment may be required to help people recover from abuse. In fact, there are some addiction recovery programs that are designed for individuals who abuse LSD. These programs consist of behavioral therapy, different types of medication, and more.

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