6 Things To Do Instead Of Drinking

What Should You Choose To Do Instead Of Drinking?

Are you trying to cut down on how much alcohol you drink? Did you recently quit drinking? If you’re looking for ways to have fun without grabbing a glass or heading to the bar, try out some of the recommendations below.


Alcohol: Mild Use vs. Dependence

Alcohol is widely advertised all over the country and even the world because of its abilities to bring people together and make them feel more social. Many people are able to drink socially without developing a dependence to alcohol, but others are not as lucky.

Some individuals who drink alcohol in excess or for a long period of time will grow a tolerance and potentially become addicted to it. Alcohol addiction and abuse can lead to many physical and mental health complications. Drinking can be very dangerous for some people, and for others it may lead to illness or undesirable behaviors. Drinking alcohol, even moderately, can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as hangovers, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, mental health issues, and more. Because of all of the consequences that alcohol may cause, many individuals decide to cut back on drinking or stop completely.


What To Do When You Want to Drink

Those who are trying to quit or cut back on alcohol may be tempted to drink for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re at a party where everyone else is having fun and drinking, or perhaps they’re going through a tough time emotionally and want to cope with alcohol. Regardless of the reason, it can be tough to resist drinking in many environments. However, there are many alternatives for things you can do when you are tempted to drink.

First, you have to think about why. If it’s hard for you to face challenges without drinking alcohol, you might want to consider that there might be more helpful ways to cope with emotions. Knowing the reasons behind why you decide to drink is the first step to developing alternative coping mechanisms.

Here are some ideas for things to do instead of drinking.

  1. Ditch Happy Hour. Instead of going to happy hour with your friends after work, explore some new spots that don’t involve alcohol (bakeries, parks, etc.).
  2. Choose Your People Wisely. If you already want to drink, being around someone who drinks often will likely not have a good impact on you. Try to surround yourself with friends and family members who don’t prioritize drinking and partying.
  3. Go To A Sober Bar. Depending on where you live, there may be a nearby sober bar that allows you to socialize with other sober people without the presence of alcohol.
  4. Switch Up Your Routine. If you keep yourself busy with healthy activities like cooking and walking outside, it’s more likely that you won’t be tempted to drink.
  5. Relax. If you drink to calm anxiety, try natural remedies such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and forms of self care like taking a bath or watching a comfort show.
  6. Keep A Journal. Every time you’re tempted to drink, try writing out your feelings instead. This might help you both cope and understand why you’re feeling this way.

Overall, the key to moving on from alcohol is finding new hobbies and developing new coping tools. However, it’s much easier said than done. If you’re trying to give up on drinking, cravings and tough times are inevitable. However, there are many resources and individuals that are there to help you quit drinking and stay sober for good.


How to Give Up Drinking for Good

If you’re looking for a little extra help along the way in your recovery journey, turn to our team of substance abuse and mental health treatment specialists for support and more information. Give us a call at 866-345-2147.




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