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Rehab Centers in Philadelphia

Rehab Centers in Philadelphia

Did you know that Philadelphia, PA is the city with the sixth largest population in the United States? Not surprisingly, rehab centers in Philadelphia surround themselves in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle. Moreover, how well do you think this works for people dealing with addictions due to intense stressors? Here’s what you need to know about recovering a couple of hours away.

Rehab Centers in Philadelphia Deal with Nearby Crime

There are plenty of detox and rehab centers in Philadelphia. Operators typically try to have them fit in with neighboring homes and businesses. Doing so allows the venues to escape scrutiny and attention. However, they have to deal with the crime statistics across Philly.

City-Data considers a crime index of 280.5 to be average. Specifically, they gave a 469.6 index to Philadelphia in 2016. While crime in several categories is stabilizing, there are noticeable increases in others. In short, you may not find a rehab experience there to be as restful and recharging as elsewhere.

Mahanoy City is the Answer

However, you don’t have to settle for rehab centers in Philadelphia. The Silver Pines Treatment Center in Mahanoy City is only a couple hours away. This city is small and offers a welcome respite from Philly’s hectic environment. The atmosphere around the facility is serene and quiet.

The center offers plenty of green spaces outside for picnics, walks, and relaxation. Because addiction specialists understand that recovery involves the mind, spirit, body, and psyche, they create a calming environment. There, you don’t have to worry about crime, loudness, and returning to a world of temptation. Instead, you enjoy the calm of the area and the peace that comes with it.

Treatment At Silver Pines

Because everyone’s recovery needs are different, specialists offer a broad range of addiction treatment programs. Examples of modalities include:

An integral part of recovery is trauma treatment. For example, some program participants deal with situations from their past that don’t have a resolution. Because of this unfinished business, they might self-medicate to cope with intrusive thoughts. However, addiction specialists recognize that overcoming this level of trauma is vital for recovery and relapse prevention.

Speaking of relapse prevention, aftercare is an integral part of this process. During rehab, you have the option to explore new hobbies such as gardening, cooking, or meditation. Furthermore, many program participants appreciate this opportunity because it introduces them to new activities they continue after discharge.

These activities succeed in filling your day and reducing the risk of drug use. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about revisiting your old hangouts after discharge.

As you can see, there’s plenty of opportunity for healing outside of rehab centers in Philadelphia. In addition, you don’t have to continue suffering in the vicious cycle of drug abuse. Reach out to the friendly therapists at Silver Pines Treatment Center today at 267.719.8689.

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