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Alcohol Rehab Scranton PA

Alcohol Rehab Scranton PA

Admitting that you have a drinking problem is difficult. You may have been working diligently to function in spite of the habit. However, maybe you don’t want to acknowledge aloud what you’ve known for a while. In this case, there’s a good chance that you can benefit from the alcohol rehab Scranton PA locals trust.
Alcohol rehab Scranton PA residents can count on.

Who Needs Rehab for an Alcohol Addiction?

Anyone struggling with an alcohol use disorder is a good candidate for treatment. Specifically, the condition comes in different stages. You might be in the initial stages of the addiction. For example, you’re drinking to excess more and more frequently.

Maybe you’re now drinking to excess every day. However, you’ve managed to keep it hidden. Nobody knows about your alcohol consumption. You wake up to withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, you drink in the morning to keep them at bay. Your entire life now revolves around the use of alcohol.

What Happens at the Center for Alcohol Rehab Scranton PA Locals Talk About?

Quitting an addiction to alcohol isn’t easy. However, doing so on your own is downright difficult. Addiction treatment programs are the answer. Furthermore, it all starts with detoxification.

When you stop using alcohol, your body needs to readjust. Because it’s a nervous system depressant, there’ll be some discomfort when you withhold the substance. Moreover, there’s the possibility of seizure activity and delirium tremens (DTs). At a rehab center that also offers detox, therapists provide you with appropriate care.

You start by having medical professionals take baseline readings. Additionally, they’ll monitor your progress throughout the withdrawal process. If necessary, they intervene with pharmacological support. This precaution keeps you comfortable, pain-free, and safe.

After five to seven days, you’re ready to move to the alcohol rehab Scranton PA residents can count on. Since you’ve broken the physiological addiction to the drug, you’re prepared to undergo clinical care next. In fact, a residential treatment program is a great option. Against its therapeutic backdrop, addiction counselors customize a protocol that might include:

Do I Have to Live at the Facility During Treatment?

Residential treatment has a broad range of benefits. For starters, it gets you out of an environment that you adapted for alcohol abuse. Even if you get rid of all the alcohol and paraphernalia, there’ll be triggers. Until you know how to deal with them, you’re in danger of relapsing.

Therefore, living at the facility protects you. It also ensures that you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere. In addition, you don’t have to deal with stressors. Instead, you focus on healing.

Around-the-clock support makes a huge difference for people with a dual diagnosis. Moreover, when you transition from detox to rehab, the process flows with ease. You develop the coping skills you need to deal with the temptations around you.

Where do you find the alcohol rehab Scranton PA deserves? Come to nearby Mahanoy City. Silver Pines Treatment Center is here for you. Call 267.719.8689 today to learn more about our unique programs.

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