Choosing the right rehab center can be challenging. If you live in a major city like Philadelphia, you’ll certainly have plenty of choices. But is a rehab center in Philadelphia the best way to overcome addiction? Take a look at some of the reasons that Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA is a smarter choice than rehab in Philadelphia.

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Avoiding Big-City Temptations

Drug and alcohol addictions can happen anywhere. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, temptations and cravings exist. However, there’s no denying that drug and alcohol access can be easier in a metropolitan area like Philadelphia. While that means more opportunities to find a rehab center, it also means more opportunities to relapse.

In big cities, rehab facilities tend to be smaller. Instead of having wide open spaces, facilities are typically smaller and more hospital-like. If you don’t want a clinical feel, then venturing out of the city can be ideal.

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, clients can enjoy a wooded and secluded area. There’s plenty of space for outdoor activities as well as relaxation in nature. There are also far fewer temptations. When you’re miles away from bars or drug dealers, it’s much easier to stay on track and focus entirely on recovery.

Expanding Your Search Area Beyond City Limits

If you live in or near Philadelphia, you might immediately gravitate toward a rehab center in Philadelphia. Doing that means you’re limiting your search to a single city, and you could be missing out on great addiction treatment services at an addiction rehab center just a little further away.

Many Philadelphia residents actually do better in recovery if they leave the city for treatment. A fresh start and a clean slate can be a promising start to sobriety.

As you browse for rehab centers, expand your search limits. Instead of exclusively looking for a rehab center in Philadelphia, see what else Pennsylvania has to offer. You can still stay within the state and find a quality program like the ones at Silver Pines.

Escape the Routine and Your Everyday Temptations

Individuals who struggle with addiction often have a hard time escaping their routine. If their rehab center is just a mile away from the places that they work, live or abuse substances, making progress can be challenging.

Venturing just a few hours away makes it easier to start over and establish a new routine. During recovery, clients can establish a new sleep schedule, get in the habit of three healthy meals a day and even explore new sports or hobbies as a form of stress relief.

Is the Convenience of a Rehab Center in Philadelphia Worth it?

Loved ones often like the idea of a local rehab center. It’s true that staying local can be more convenient, especially when it comes to traveling or visiting. However, that convenience might come at a price. Don’t sacrifice quality rehab just for the chance to save an hour or two of driving.

What You Can Expect From Silver Pines Treatment Center

Just two hours northeast of Philadelphia is Silver Pines Treatment Center. Although it’s not far from the city, it feels like an entirely different world for guests ready for recovery. During rehab at Silver Pines, individuals can expect all the following treatment methods and recovery strategies:

Rather than settling for a rehab center in Philadelphia, head just a short distance out of the city near Hazleton, Pennsylvania. There, you’ll find the caring staff of Silver Pines Treatment Center. Call 866-345-2147 to learn more about how you can start working towards recovery today.